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I’m a Danish-based manager with a focus on helping companies to evolve and grow their business. My main expertise are management and development, the deliveries ranges from talks, coaching, workshops, hackathons, experience and service design projects, product development, project management and business model development.

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Here you will find my areas of expertice. If you are in need of a project manager or you need coaching in how to get started in one of the areas in your company then feel free to contact me.

Design Thinking

Instead of starting with a problem, you should start with observation. It’s informed by an understanding of the culture and the context of a problem (what people need), rather than the problem.
Design thinking is a unik process for innovation.Are you interested in implementing cross-functional team training programs, instructing managers, development teams, and executives in the art of design thinking? Through hands-on workshops I can help you with that.

Experience Design

Optimizing a single customer journey is tactical; shifting organizational processes, culture and mind-sets to a journey orientation is strategic and transformational.

Do you need to become more customer centric, then I can help you with initiatives for changing organization behavior, re-design of your key customer journeys, designing nye experience differentiators. As Interim manager you control the length of our relationship.

Beyond Product

New value or brand loyalty is not created by focusing on specific product features or design, but by reimagining the broader experience of how customers use your products.

Airbnb didn’t redesign the travel portal or the hotel; it completely rethought how people can find the room they need. If you are feeling the pressure from new competition and have the need for a new business model or learning new ways of becoming more innovative, the I can help identify new opportunities for you.

VoC Programs

Your customers will tell you what their experiences are. In fact, listening to your customers is the only way to systematically deliver a better customer experience. This is how leaders lead.

This is where voice-of-the-customer programs come into play. The bottom line is this: Listening to the needs of your customers isn’t an optional exercise, it’s mandatory. I have extensive experience in setting up VoC programs including how to analyze feedback and use it for driving organizational change.

Omni Channel

Omni-channel shopping presents a dramatic shift in how we think about retail. By focusing on wants and needs, you'll create a seamless shopping experience that's more likely to grow sales.

Give your customers what they’re craving: instant, relevant information no matter where they are or what device they’re using. Do you need help in analyzing you customer journeys, identify opportunities for change or an new strategy for you customers omni-channel experience, then I can drive the project to do that.

New Innovation

Hackathons aren’t just for start-ups, a large number of top-rated Scandinavian companies are all doing it. They are experimenting with the new ways of getting ideas into action, fast, cheap and fun.

By giving management and others the ability to kick the tires of collaborative design practices, 24-hour hackathons can show that big organizations are capable of delivering breakthrough innovation at start-up speed. If you want to try a hackaton, then I can come to your company and facilitate one.

Two types of deliveries from me

You decide the right one for you

Business transformation isn’t about ideas magically falling from the sky, it’s about adhering to a process. It can be taught and mastered by anyone.

Interim Management

Digitalization has changed our life and the way we communicate and interact. Online coaching is a very effective and time saving supplement that may be the right solution for you.

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Interim Management

Regardless of your business is small or big, there may be a need for more resources to make decisions and implement them, discover new opportunities and strategies or launch projects, and maybe an interim solution can be the right solution for your business.

As a interim manager I can close the gab on managing an unexpected business opportunity, implementing new projects, managing change projects and close a management area that can be crucial for achieving the results you want.

It’s in these situations that you can consider hiring me as a Interim Manager to help make an effective and economical difference.

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Project Manager

Implement key projects requiring specialized skills and/or additional resources.

Gab Manager

A key employee leaves: Keep momentum until you have a permanent solution.

Transformation Manager

Specific management competence for change, termination and development.


Coaching support for individuals and leaders

Digitalization has changed our life and the way we communicate and interact with each other. That’s why online-coaching is a very effective and time saving supplement that may be the right solution for you.

The coaching is done either by phone, mail or chat and you get to talk about and focus on nothing other than you, your problems and your opportunities. You’ll get honest feedback to help you solve your tasks or think strategically about long-term goals.

The typical client are working on some of the transformation service elements in my portfolio and the objectives are to be a more effective expert or leader, to succeed in a new position, grow a business or division; increase clarity and confidence or even to create an entirely new career path.

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If you need a project manager or just interested in talking more about how to become even better to identify and solve problems and create new idea or new business models, then feel free to contact me.